Havana – back to the 50th

A trip to Cubas Capital Havana is also a trip to a city stand still for at least half a century with plenty of old american cars from the 50s and 60s as… Continue reading

Vinales valley – a peaceful unique beauty

  The Viazul (tourist public transport) brought us on an hours long journey to Valle de Vinales where we planned to stay for four nights. Other traveler told me before 2 nights would… Continue reading

A glimpse to the beauty of northern european cities or an experiment

A good offer  made me to give this kind of different and quite new travel experience a try and also get a glimpse of Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. The cruise itself is… Continue reading

Mexico City or a colossal chess board 2300m above sea level

What to do if you will start a tour in Antigua, Guatemala, try to be there on time and want to save money by using the advantages of working for an airline? Take… Continue reading

Valencia – historic meets modern architecture

It is not easy to make a decision where to travel to for a 5 days trip over New Years Eve. Already the flight plan for this time of the year shows the… Continue reading

San Marino – The oldest republic or the 5th smallest country in the world

San Marino? Plenty of people think this is not the most visited country in the world but if you take the number of inhabitants (33.000) and compare with the number of tourists per… Continue reading