Cuba in Pictures

Like the mostly I had my camera with me on Cuba and took plenty of pictures which I finally uploaded on my Flickr account. The result can be seen here: Back in time… Continue reading

A retrospect – my first solo tour two years ago

Facebook just reminds me that I had been in Thailand and Laos for five weeks. This was in January two years ago and the first time I traveled alone for more than one… Continue reading

Marrakech – Thousand and one nights

Decisions, decisions, decisions…. Like always it was not easy to choose a perfect destination. This time for a long weekend trip and spending an unforgettable birthday (not mine) which it was at the end.… Continue reading

How to travel as much or as often as you can!

I know many people who are wondering how it is possible to travel more than one or two times a year and think it is only very easy for me because of the… Continue reading

Exploring north, south, east and west or becoming creolized

Red for the Flame Tree, Blue for the ocean, Yellow for the Sun and Green for the nature = the national flag of Mauritius Mauritius – An african country and island situated plenty of kilometers… Continue reading

Trinidad – Colonial style and Salsa

  One of the most popular places to visit is a town named Trinidad. 75000 inhabitants and UNESCO world heritage site since 1989 – built in the 19th century -. The main square… Continue reading

All in or not all in

… that is the question! I know the answer for myself but I am open to everything and sometimes it is not the worst idea to come down and relax for a couple… Continue reading

Havana – back to the 50th

A trip to Cubas Capital Havana is also a trip to a city stand still for at least half a century with plenty of old american cars from the 50s and 60s as… Continue reading

Vinales valley – a peaceful unique beauty

  The Viazul (tourist public transport) brought us on an hours long journey to Valle de Vinales where we planned to stay for four nights. Other traveler told me before 2 nights would… Continue reading

A glimpse to the beauty of northern european cities or an experiment

A good offer  made me to give this kind of different and quite new travel experience a try and also get a glimpse of Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. The cruise itself is… Continue reading