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Malaysia in Pictures

My Canon and my iPhone are on the road with me as well as my Macbook for editing, saving and sharing pictures with you. Some results you can see if you click on… Continue reading

Penang – Georgetown, its street art, food and temples

  The city of Georgetown has 180.000 inhabitants and the most of them are Chinese Malay. Penang is famous for its delicious food and people say this place offers the best food all… Continue reading

Borneo – The (easiest) way to the Orang Utans

  The most people who are heading toward Borneo are nature lovers and want to see wildlife there. One of the most famous animals there are the Orang Utans I also was interested… Continue reading

Brunei – A 18 hours stopover

  It was quite a spontaneous and comparing to traveling the other countries in South East Asia expensive idea to get a glimpse of the Brunei – or to use the official name… Continue reading

Me and the Philippines… and a little bit challenging start into my solo adventure…

  After two and a half weeks – traveling half of the time solo – in this country I am wondering why it takes that long for me to become friends with the… Continue reading

Hiking Volcano Taal or Volcano Pinatubo or both? Decisions, decisions…

Manila – a huge melting pot – counts 1.7 mio inhabitants and including 16 other cities 12 mio people live in the so called Manila metro – the economic, political and cultural center of… Continue reading

Kyoto – my Top 5 things to do and how to do

Kyoto – the city which is known as the Japanse cultural capital made me curious enough to travel to for a couple of days on my solo trip to Japan. No skyscraper, still… Continue reading

Japan in pictures

Japan is a country which surprised me very much and finally I can say it definitely is worth to make the long way over. After the limited time of my week I had… Continue reading

Kyoto – An insight in the cultural capital of Japan

  After a bit more than four days in Tokyo it was time to head to Kyoto. Why Kyoto? It came in my mind spontaneously when I read that it is the cultural… Continue reading

Tokyo – My Top 5 things to do and how to do

  Tokyo – Capital of Japan and with a metropolitan area counting 35 million (!) inhabitants the biggest in the world where is possible to spend one week here easily without getting bored with… Continue reading