After an electricity breakdown, a water breakdown, one gazillion compliments, a wedding proposal (ok after I mentioned I ll leave in one day the thing had to be speed up a bit), an invitation to a domino game into a locals house or visiting a school when I walked down the street, couple of times mission impossible to find a bottle of water to buy, dancing salsa with locals at the Casa de la Musica and many other things i experienced in two weeks the moment came when it was time to say ADIOS CUBA! 🌎

I had a very good time exploring the country and am very happy that I travelled slowly without an organized tour. Ok Spanish language skills would have been very helpful but nevertheless I small talked (as far I can call it talking with body language) with locals quite often. Plenty of things reminds me very much to the east of Germany where I grew up before the wall broke down. Especially standing in lines waiting for something or the supermarkets – if you can call it like this because the choice is the most basic I have ever seen while traveling.
A lot of people were begging but surprisingly most of them not for money… For soap, make up and cloths. Not sure if they  it themselves or just to resell it again.

But the breakfast at the casa particulares always was huge. Also the mojitos always were excellent. It is hard to believe that employees for the government e.g. Teacher earn around 35EUR per month or pensioners get 5EUR which is not enough to buy food for the whole month.
Nevertheless everybody was very friendly and helpful.

I m happy I visited this country now and saw the good and also the bad things. Hope situation for people becomes better one day.

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