Bogotas and its street art

Colombia was supposed to be the last country on this trip and the first stop was in Bogota. A city I heard many very different opinions about. I don’t know why but I had quite a bit respect traveling here solo. For that reason I decided to stay in La Candelaria – the old town – and after some recommendations I decided to do the Free Graffiti Walking tour.

The weather in the city is not always very pleasant but I was lucky enough to do the tour on a sunny afternoon and the street art the guide showed us was amazing and very diverse.

So many different styles and pictures all over old town that it was hard to stop taking more and more pictures. Some pieces are looking almost like photos and not like paintings on the wall.

So far I can say this was a good and very interesting first impression of this country which was very unsafe because of drug and guerrilla wars until a few years ago and a city most people told me not that many great things about.