Madrid-Barajas – Neptuno Lounge (T4S) review



Seating area with view to the apron

A couple of month ago I have to spend a couple of hours at Adolfo Suarez Airport in Madrid Barajas. The transfer time is not long enough to visit Madrid and the weather not good enough to have a walk over the weekend market in the small town of Barajas. Perfect conditions to explore some shops at the airport and spend my waiting time in a relaxed atmosphere in a lounge.

Because of the longer distances I decided to give the Neptuno Lounge a try which is situated in Terminal 4S – the satellite terminal where mostly Non-Schengen flights depart – because of the close proximity to my boarding area.



The Neptuno lounge is very spacious and the interior is set in light brownish  with colors.
The view through the wide windows offers a great outlook to the apron and some local villages surrounding the airport. The place is not too crowded and it is easy to find a seat in a quite corner or just to use the small silent area with relax chairs to have a nap.



To shorten the waiting time international newspaper (in Spanish, English, Arabic and Jewish language) as well as magazines (mostly in Spanish) are offered. The free Wifi is fast enough to work, surf in the internet or stream movies.



The food changes during the day. In the morning you can make the experience that the Spanish people are not very much in breakfast. The choice consists of typical croissants and other sweet pastries, yogurt, fruit salad and sandwiches. Later a two or three salads and some warm dishes like rice, pasta, Spanish meatballs and cassarole like spinach-feta lasagna will be offered. The choice of non alcoholic drinks and spirits is standard. I know it is not good for the environment but I really like that the coffee specialities coming out of a Nespresso machine.



Pros: Overall I can say I spent a good and also relax time. The choice of at least three white and red wines and three to four different Spanish Cava is very good.
Cons: The downside is that some food like sandwiches or fruit salad is just packed in plastics which is not that inviting and the dishes for lunch – which starts quite late around 2pm – seems to be always the same. I don’t know if I would pay the regular entrance fee of 19,61EUR if I had to spend only one or two hours at the airport. In case the transfer time is much longer the Neptuno lounge can be a good option to wait away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.