Malaysian airports – A Plaza Premium lounge review


My first experience with Plaza Premium lounges happened in KK. Kota Kinabalu airport is the biggest airport in the western part of Borneo and brings you to different destinations in Malaysia as well as to other places around in South East Asia. Like every airport in Malaysia these one is also surprisingly modern. The situation of the Premium Plaza lounge is a bit hidden and there are not that many signs but if you follow the signs to the Golden Lounge of Malaysian Airlines I finally found it right before.

My flight was what you can call an early bird in this morning why I arrived like often a little bit of last minute at the airport and I also never expected the place is open that early. To my surprise it already was and had the lounge for myself because I was the only customer there. But that was not the only surprise and one more has to follow when I was looking around. The interiour was set in a very inviting and cozy design in brownish and beige colors. Most places were equipped with power outlets, the TV screens at the walls keep you informed about the world news and a couple of fully equipped pc stations makes it possible to do some work or surf in the internet if you left your laptop at home. The lounge also offers its own fast WIFI which can be used besides the free WIFI of the airport

At the bar friendly staff is greeting customers and waiting to serve. Different types of coffee or tea can be ordered, a choice of fresh fruits and vegetables are available as well as bread and some international and local soft drinks in a fridge. What mostly surprised me when I was looking around was a menu with different dishes laying on the counter. When I checked this i figured out that you could choose a couple of freshly cooked dishes from. The chef was standing and waiting to prepare the fresh meal for you.

In this case I did not have enough time to try the freshly made meal but Plaza Premium Lounges are available at every airport in Malaysia why I later had the chance to try a chicken curry which was not the worst I ever had. The idea to order some meal is great in my opinion as well as the different nice warm meals they offered at Kuala Lumpur Premium Plaza Lounge in the public area of KLIA 2. Additionally some salad and desserts are available for the healthy guests or these with the sweet tooth. For those who are already traveling for longer free showers in the spacious toilets were offered. These coming with towels and toiletries for getting refreshed.

Conclusion: It is worth to visit the Premium Plaza lounges in Malaysia as well as if you have to spend a longer time at the airport and have no free access. Let you show you the prices and the lounge to choose if you want to pay for the access. The staff always was very friendly and everything they offered was in a decent quality. The place is very clean and quite enough to relax for a while.