Me and the Philippines… and a little bit challenging start into my solo adventure…



After two and a half weeks – traveling half of the time solo – in this country I am wondering why it takes that long for me to become friends with the Philippines – a sovereign country in South East Asia consisting of more than 7000 island, telling a long history, colonized by the Spanish and the Americans and also often discussed controversial. Also a country and travelers paradise for those who are in love with beautiful nature, long beaches, a unique underwater world and very friendly and smiling people. All these diverse characteristics sounds to me like an interesting place to explore and to start the trip.



What I have seen of these so far makes me sitting here right now thoughtful and asking myself questions while I am watching the heavy rainfalls and strong winds outside and having an early San Miguel light. Am I at the wrong time at the wrong places? Is it the very changing weather in the last nine days which did me not let to do all the things I wanted to do or enjoy them? Or did I just haven’t seen and explored enough of the places I stayed so far? Or do I need more time and patience to come into the (long time) traveling mood?



So far I could not found satisfying answers to all that questions yet. I hoped I ll get the chance to explore more of the places I want to see in this area I am staying at the moment but the rain and the wind made it not possible without getting soaking wet in just a couple of minutes. I was struggling how long I ll give the weather a chance or wondering if is this the moment when stuck here on Siquijor island I just give up traveling around here and move on to a totally different place.



That makes me a little bit sad because my conclusion for now is I met very friendly people here in the countryside. As soon as you smile at them they say hello and want to talk or at least smiling back. If you have a question or need any help they always do their best to assist. The nature is incredibly green and beautiful with all the palm and banana trees and the other plants. Here are so many picturesque places around that you can’t count how often you just have to stop by at the street to have a look. …or take one or some more photo shots. Such a good time I had going around Panglao island with some other travelers by motor bike and just enjoyed the local life and the sights the island had to offer. As well the time I was riding by bike around Siquijor myself was great but unfortunately way too short to get a nice impression of the island and their people because of the monsoon and a obviously very long tail-end of a low pressure area.

Than the time came i crossed fingers for myself that the next day a ferry will goes and my patience won’t be challenged that hard – which just was a dream I figured out -. Finally after three long hours with some good company in a line, killing three more hours in a cafe, squeezed between a huge crowd wanting to enter the boat I finally found myself on the boat to Dumaguete where I stayed one more night before I was heading back toward the sunny melting pot Manila. Time to rethink my further travel plans at lovely friends place who I can just thank you for hosting me so long and welcoming. 🙂