Frankfurt airport – A Lufthansa lounge review



Gib eine Beschriftung ein

It started more than five year ago that I frequently flying out of Frankfurt airport. It took not too long to become a Lufthansa Frequent Traveler and with the status access to the Business Class lounge when traveling with Star Alliance from Frankfurt.

Once or twice a month I fly to destinations in Schengen area and in the beginning there was only one Lufthansa Business Class lounge next to Gate A 25. After Lufthansa opened the new Business Class Lounge just behind the Duty Free shop a renewal of the “old” lounge took place. The location was changed to a floor above the departure area and also the design changed.

My time is limited mostly but long enough for having a quick breakfast, a coffee and grab some newspapers to kill the time on the flight or the rest of the day.



The interior is melon yellow and grayish Lufthansa colors. Bar chairs in the business area, lounge chairs at the windows and regular chairs invites to relax a bit before the flight.
The view through the windows offers a glimpse onto the hustle and bustle on the apron. To keep you up to date some tv screens are sending the news channel and newspaper in different languages are available. The minus is that Lufthansa does not offer any magazines.

A separated area allows you to do some work while waiting for the flight. The free WIFI is fast enough to stream movies and music. A small silent area is perfect to lay down and have a nap. Perfect place and mostly empty because the location at the far end left can be overseen easily. For a refreshment showers are available.



The food changes during the day. In the morning bread, rolls, cheese, sausage and scrambled eggs were offered as well as cereals, yogurt and fruit salad. Later a small choice of salad, two different soups and a warm meal are served. Cookies and gummy bears awaits to getting eaten by the sweet tooth. The choice of non alcoholic drinks and spirits is the standard selection. To make it more personal the cold drinks and the coffee are served by waiters at a bar. The offered wine which is changing from time to time is it worth to try.

Pros: Overall I can say the Lufthansa Business Lounge is a good place to spend my time at the airport and the quality of the food is good.
Cons: In the last time I am missing some things like the boiled eggs, the toast and the toaster as well as the dark rolls they offered before. If you are in a hurry you should think twice about having a Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato because it can takes forever. Which is the downside of serving the drinks at a bar if sometimes there is only one person working.