Hong Kong – A birthday present for myself or I did it again



2016 fells like 2015 in the first months – time was flying faster than the years before and my birthday was coming closer… And as well the idea about a present to myself – to make this day unforgettable – started circling in my mind. Everybody who knows me thinks now the answer is too easy. There is nothing better than jumping into the plane and spend the time at more exotic places than Cologne. But where to fly to? New York, Rio, Tokyo? Hong Kong came up in my mind a second time after I already had been there for an spontanous city break in December 2011. Why not exploring more  of the city and having fun there?


Hong Kong_091211_0331



Hong Kong – a city with 7 million inhabitants – is a perfect destination for a city break or a stop over. The most interesting things can be explored easily in two or three days. Simply to say: Hong Kong is my birthday destination in 2016. A partner in crime and a surprisingly affordable hotel (the Ibis hotel in Sheung Wan) with good reviews were found soon. What else does it need to pack the hand luggage, jump in the train heading toward Frankfurt Airport? Ready for a four nights city adventure in the former British colony.




The flight in the big but very silent A380 and the extraordinary friendly crew were the perfect start into MY day. Ok the time difference stole me 6 hours thats why we already started in the plane to celebrate before midnight.
After a bit bumpy but relaxed flight we arrived at Hong Kong airport. Very well organized like everything in Hong Kong we lost not much time at the immigration and the luggage belt. We bought the Octopus card and took the express train to Hong Kong Central station. I felt the dejavu. The city has not changed. As soon as we reached Hong Kong Central I was beamed back into the hustle and bustle of the huge city. I prepared myself to spend the next days here between the skyscraper, in the crowd of people, between the shops and its colorful light illumination. But first we had to find our hotel on this warm and humid afternoon. How we soon figured out the weather app appears to be not the most reliable.



I could not await to change my clothes and put on some more fancy outfit. Yes, lets get ready for drinks with a view on a rooftop bar, a nice dinner and the first of many interesting impressions.



Impressions of a city which offers a huge diversity of shop, restaurants, bars, architecture, history and kodak moments. It is absolutely impossible to oversee the interesting crossover of the British influences and the Chinese culture. Temples, Chinese speciality food stores, Dim Sum restaurants mixed up with International bank institutes, designer flag stores, fast food chains are lining the streets we crossed on our way to our first destination.



While enjoying the view from the Ce La Vie rooftop bar I started remembering all the things I did last time here and was looking forward to the next four days roaming around HK island and Kowloon.