Ibiza – Sleeping beauty and party animal



What a weather in March so far – grey, rainy and windy -. The perfect invitation to look for a sunny place for the long Easter weekend. The lucky coincidence and a nice invitation helped me to make the perfect last minute decision.

Ibiza – an Spanish island in the Mediterranean sea I never made it to before and on the other hand an island famous for the same love of electronic music -.



It was not possible to find a non stop flight but luckily Mallorca or Barcelona are good stop over for heading toward Ibiza. The approach to the airport in the turbo-prop machine revealed a stunning view over Ibiza Dalt Vila – the old town -. The airport is a small one and almost everything on the island can be reached from here by car in a short time. Perfect to find a sunny breakfast place for a cortado, tostada and the perfect holiday feeling after long rainy days at home.



Obviously Easter weekend is the time when the season slowly starts. More restaurants, shops and bars are opening and it looks like the people on the island already were waiting for. The location of my lovely friends new home is 10min walk away from the beach of Cala Tarida and I could not await to listen and smell the Mediterranean sea. Watching the first people jumping in the water, kids playing at the beach and families having a picnic while we enjoyed Spanish ham and Manchego cheese. Yes it is easy to make me happy 🙂 After clouds stole the sun the show we decided to change the view over the bay and keep us a bit more warm the year long open Cotton Beach Club invited us to have a copa de vino blanco.

Like it always happened the Germans got hungry at times nobody served food but after after a sightseeing tour by car a steak house was perfect to rescue us.



After a very relaxed evening in the garden and an “early” bedtime the next day was perfect for heading toward Ibiza town – or Eivissa the Catalan name – possibly the place with the most diversity by day and night during the high season. On this Saturday during the Easter weekend it just was a lovely town with a big amount of boutiques selling the hippie-style outfits, souvenir and other shops lined through the small streets up to the old-town. The streets are not crowded and you can loose yourself wandering around.



From the so-called Dalt Vila the view over the town is perfect and more shops and restaurants invite to spend a good time enjoying the bright side of life. Some finger food here, a glass of Cava, a Cortado and a glimpse in some shops there let the time flies. The day was not enough and one thing is for sure – I have to come back to explore and do some more shopping.



Plenty of outdoor markets take place during the weekends. To find out the when/where and also for other activities/events check out Spotlight Ibiza. Easter sunday the “Welcome spring festival” at Atzaro Agriturismo Hotel & Spa was on our to do list. The festival is for everybody and it seemed that  everybody had been there…
In the beautiful designed outside are of the hotel where a mixture of people in mainstream or colorful and more eccentric hippy style as well as high priced outfits meandering between the market, food stalls and the dancing crowd enjoying DJs who played their life sets accompanied by dancers in sequin bikinis.



Two and a half days later sitting in the plane back home I am thinking about the island where music, life style, design and extravagance appears to have the most importance. This short visit and as well my love for electronic music make me curious. I assume I have to come back later this year when more interesting venues are open and explore the loud and the silent places spread over the isle in the sun.

Last but not least I have to say thank you to my lovely friend who is living on the island for the – the all-round carefree package and the patient showing me around during my stay.