Nuremberg – A Sunday in Germany’s south



Yes to be honest it was a very lazy Saturday night with friends. After a huge and very delicious meal and some drinks we were not able to move anymore which made it easier to decide not to go out and spend a Sunday in the city.

What is the best start for a good Sunday? A good german breakfast with fresh bread, sausage, cheese, eggs, jam and coffee. It turned out that Casa Pane is a great place to start the day.




Situated in the city center offers the self-service bakery with in and outside seating different types of breakfast in different sizes, mediterranean bread, pizza and depending on the day time changing meals. Already the window is invitingly and it is hard to cross without going in and buy at least a sandwich with chicken and dried tomatoes or italian parma ham for take away.



The big breakfast gave us enough energy for a walk through the city. It is no time for the famous Christkindlmarket but Nuremberg possesses phantasy to offer other markets during the year. At the moment it is time for the Easter market taking place on the main square. Food stalls offering the famous sausage – Nuernberger Rostbratwurst – and other delicious food.



A walk through the small cobblestone streets up the hill brings you to the Nuremberg castle from where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the city and the many churches. The castle itself is an impressive sandstone structure that was an imperial residence for the great Holy Roman Emperors. The history goes back till 1000 A.D.



All over the city beautiful old churches are placed and worth a visit. Small streets lined by the typical architecture brings you back to the center. When you have a good timing and it is one of the Sundays when the shops are open it is perfect for a stroll through the different and colorful shops offering clothes in every price range or just for some window shopping.