Vienna – Why a walk on a cold February evening is a must do

162802_VIE_2077 Kopie


Ok to be honest my dinner was not that good as I hoped after I read the reviews on Tripadvisor. But this and my uncomfortable seat at the bar made me earlier walking through the streets again than expected. A great idea how i figured out as soon as I reached the 1. “Bezirk” again.

The streets showed me the beauty of the city center with all the illuminated historic buildings – a highlight for photographers -. Like in the morning when I arrived the most streets where almost empty and perfect for some relaxed window shopping. Unfortunately I only had my Iphone with me. Nevertheless I tried to take some pictures of what I found at every corner.



A good and very welcome break for my feet after walking for hours today was the organ concert at the St. Peters Cathedral – the inside full of barock elements with an amazing painted ceiling -. On the way back to my hotel the illumination of the town hall can’t be overseen from far away.



I became curios and I started walking into this direction and what I found surprised me. A huge and very crowded ice skating area in front of the town hall. Colorful lights and music accompanied Viennese and international crowd gliding over the ice. I regret that I had dinner when I saw the street food and mulled wine stalls next to the ice rink. Remind me to the German Christmas markets. What a great idea to entertain the locals as well as the tourists!