Bologna – a surprise for shopping addicts and food lovers

Traveling to Bologna just happened by coincidence. What brought us to the city with an almost 1000 years old university – the oldest one in Europe – and the culinary hometown of world-famous Tortellini and Mortadella? A hint and a good situated airport for our flight back from a trip, which started with an invitation to Italy, where the reason for our stay.



The arrival at the airport by rental car after our very interesting experience of refueling the car at the petrol stations (yes we ended up paying 2,34EUR/l) was not the best start of our time in Bologna. We took the Aerobus to the center and arrived at the central station. Honestly this place was not very convincing but the accommodation on Airbnb was booked and paid. We followed Google Maps to approach our sleeping place for the next three nights. A coffee break having a delicious Latte Macchiato and a walk down a main street lined by a lot of small fashion boutiques later we started to become more curious. Changing shoes into something more comfortable made us ready for walking – heading toward the city center. The beginning of a plenty kilometers long walk every day and the enjoyment of la dolce vita as well as the Italian fashion style offered everywhere.



We stumbled into the small and culinary Via Pescherie Vecchie. Obviously famous for the deli style restaurants offering tables in the small street and serving Bruschetti with different delicious toppings as well as a huge choice of Italian cheese and sausage which invitingly was presented in the restaurant windows.
Later on this trip we also stand in a long line for the home-made pasta for lunch – made and sold by three older Bolognese women at a small kiosk working together with a bar across the street – and later we followed the dinner recommendation of an Italian colleague. Heavenly food and very delicious Italian wines were sweeten our stay. In total I would say this city was a highlight for our senses.



Not the biggest shopping addicts is what we are but Bologna made us walking literally in hundreds of the small boutiques and buying clothes – inspired by the fascinating fashion style of the Italian women -.  It was such a good fun to explore every day a bit more of a city with the oldest university in Europe. Inspiration is waiting at every corner in Bologna as well as the history of the “old world” which can’t be overseen with its beautiful Palazzi and Churches.
Three days are good to get a glimpse and a continuation of enjoying the Tortellini and Mortadella (Bologna is the home of both famous food) or emptying the bank account by buying more italian fashion seems to be necessary to me.


What to see

Piazza Maggiore and the Basilica di San Petronio – the main plaza and a main church of Bologna  built in 14th century as well as the streets of the city center.
Neptune fountain – famous fountain situated at Piazza Maggiore
Towers of Bologna – perfect to enjoy the view over Bologna from above

Where to stay

Airbnb offers plenty of rental apartments and rooms all over the city center. Reasonable B&B and hotels are possible to find on Trivago.

Where to eat

Pasta Fresca Naldi – Small kiosk selling awesome home-made pasta
Drogheria della Rosa – Italian restaurant without a written down menu serving weekly changing dishes.
Via Pescherie Vecchie – A small and crowded street lines with restaurants serving Italian specialities close to Piazza Maggiore.

How to get around

The airport and the city center are connected by a Bus, which runs every 20min. Pack some comfortable shoes and the most easy way to explore Bologna is walking the city.

How to go to

Bologna airport offers service to different european airports and few international ones. For travelers inside of Italy Bologna can be reached by bus or train. Best connections can be found on