All in or not all in

… that is the question! I know the answer for myself but I am open to everything and sometimes it is not the worst idea to come down and relax for a couple of days. To make me ready for exploring a place or after an overload of impressions.




In this case we thought it would be nice to come down and also a great thing to celebrate a 40th birthday (which was not mine)… The place we choose on Mauritius is a hotel which recently changed the chain and has only suites. With the price we got and the recent reviews on Tripadvisor was hard to resist. No reason to regret because the hotel was nicely situated with a lovely modern arrangement of the interior.



An offer of included SUP, kayaking, water skying, paddle boat makes it not to a boring stay. 7 included restaurants offers surprisingly delicious food. The small restaurant with authentic Mauritian food showed us a tasteful cuisine with plenty of spices. The burger place is very stylish and the ocean restaurant has the inspiring waitress Preety (also Pretty would be perfect to explain her personality) and also very well chosen choice of meals.



While having a ginger daiquiri and listening to the 32 old and very wise Pretty showed us what is the most important thing in life. TO BE HAPPY. Being only surrounded by people who are good for you and makes you happy makes you smile and happy. I don’t know if I will ever become religious but looking for each other and share things to be a good person is something everybody could do without big circumstances. A very interesting communication.



Five lazy days with the experience that things are not working out like in our first world not were a waste of time because we learned many things about culture and friendliness the Mauritians offer to visitors from around the world.


Place to stay:

Ravenala Attitude Hotel also named otentik attitude in Turtle Bay, Balaclava. All suite hotel which is also bookable with half and full board. For those who look for a quite relaxing time the hotel has an adults only wing and area at the beach.