Mexico City or a colossal chess board 2300m above sea level

What to do if you will start a tour in Antigua, Guatemala, try to be there on time and want to save money by using the advantages of working for an airline? Take a flight with a big german airline on a not that busy day via Munich to Mexico City and stay there for a couple of nights. A huge city which already give you an idea about the dimensions when you are approaching at 04:30 am after 13:30h long night flight and see the lights like a huge chess board.

After killing some time at the airport and a fight between devil and angel on my shoulder who fought about using the metro or a taxi I decided to take the metro. Still remembering that I read  at different sources that the metro is not the most safe kind of transport. Ok the first metro ride in a very crowded train that early in the morning and not knowing that the first compartment is reserved for women and kids was a bit weird with plenty men looking at me like an alien. But after the first ride followed many more and at the end I only used once a taxi during the night-time, which was also a special experience.

I did not have many expectations before I arrived but I found some very nice areas like Centro Historico with one of the biggest plazas of the world – Zocalo-, Zona Rosa, Roma and Condesa.



Worth to spend some hours after a long night flight is the Chapultepec Parc where you and walk around. Sit down and watch the local life everywhere around with all the families having picnics and kids playing. Not far away the Paseo de la Reforma is one of the biggest streets and invites for a walk especially on sundays when the road is blocked for cars.



On Sundays all museums have free entrance. Don’t start too late otherwise it is very crowded or the contingent of tickets is finished.
Before you leave Mexico don’t forget to try Mezcal as the less known brother of Tequila – distilled cooked agave – or Pulque – the mexican national drink out of different fermented types of agaves. Especially the second one tastes very “interesting” that I was very happy they offered it in different fruit flavors and not only in natural flavor.
Next time I have to chance to come back I look forward to explore more of the variety of culture, food and sights the city offers.


Where to stay

In Zona Rosa, Roma and the more sophisticated Polanco hotels where everywhere. This areas are quite safe and offers you also bars and restaurant in walking distance. Also a Airbnb has a huge amount of rooms available in this areas for a reasonable price especially if you are traveling alone and want to avoid the single room supplement.

Where to eat

For those who are traveling on a budget you will find yummy and cheap Mexican food everywhere. Also you will find a big variety of more fancy restaurants. I decided to let me show some typical taco places which are more basic and I can say the food was very nice.

How to get around

Using the public transport is very cheap. A metro ride costs 0,50EUR and the metrobus is also very affordable. The rechargeable card for the metrobus is available at the machines at every station. Tickets for the metro can be bought at every metro station. The first waggon or area is reserved for women and children which makes you feel more safe.
The airport is connected with the center by metro and metrobus.