San Marino – The oldest republic or the 5th smallest country in the world

San Marino? Plenty of people think this is not the most visited country in the world but if you take the number of inhabitants (33.000) and compare with the number of tourists per year (2mio) it seems to be a very popular country.

This was a very good reason for us to visit San Marino when we stayed for a couple of days at the Adriatic coast in Pesaro – 95km in the south of Rimini.

The drive to San Marino with our small rental car using Google Maps on Iphone as navigation was already an interesting one – through the Italian countryside or better through every tiny village we could find. Once we reached Città di San Marino we already figured out at the car park that we are not the only tourists on this a bit chilly and windy day.

The situation of the capital is on a 748m high hill. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view over the micro state down to Rimini and the Adriatic coastline. Especially by going for a walk through the San Marino nature park where you also the Guaita and the Cesta – the towers which are the symbol of the city – are situated.


The historic center of San Marino is just a stone throw away from the nature park. There you will find a car-free zone with small streets and plazas lined with beautiful old buildings. Restaurants and cafes invite for a lunch break. For those who want to spend more money the shops in the historical center of San Marino sell souvenirs, duty free perfume, cigarettes and sunglasses.
The most beautiful place is the Piazza della Liberta with the Palazzo Pubblico and the view over the country.


For those who wants to spend more time than a couple of hours and are interested in culture the city also offers museums and a basilica. For those who leave after a couple of hours the surrounding keeps many more sights ready.